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Obama’s Approval Hits New Lows in Alabama, California, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri and New Mexico

Drudge’s top story at the moment is Obama’s approval rating in the daily Rasmussen poll, 45 percent.

Zogby puts it at 42 percent, for what it’s worth.

Some don’t like Rasmussen’s robo-callers, and Zogby – well, folks have debated his numbers for years. But if you look at Obama’s approval rating in the other pollsters, the numbers are generally pretty mediocre. Gallup puts it at 51, and was at 50 for a few days. YouGov puts it at 48 percent. ARG puts it at 52 percent, Clarus puts it at 49 percent, NBC puts it at 51 percent, Pew puts it at 51 percent, PublicPolicyPolling puts it at 52 percent. The highest it’s been in a recent poll was the Washington Post/ABC poll which put it at 57 percent back on August 17.

Has late August been good for Obama? The town halls? A wave of Kennedy-inspired sympathy? Images of Obama on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard while the country endures a recession? Bernanke’s return? My guess is that recent events have been a wash.

Perhaps more significantly, SurveyUSA puts Obama’s approval rating in Iowa at 45 percent with 51 percent disapproving. This is a state that Obama carried in 2008 with almost 54 percent of the vote.

So it’s not that unthinkable that a pollster could start seeing Obama’s approval rating in the mid-40s . . .

UPDATE: Today SurveyUSA finds Obama’s approval hitting new lows in Alabama (40 percent), California (62 percent), Iowa (45 percent), Kentucky (36 percent), Missouri (48 percent), and New Mexico (52 percent).
In Minnesota, Obama’s approval is 53 percent, up 2 percent from last month, and in Kansas it is at 45 percent, up 4 percent from last month.


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