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Obama’s Stimulus Rhetoric vs. His ‘Brand Identity’

Thom Mozloom, a consultant at The M Network and expert on “branding”, appeared on XM’s POTUS this morning, and noted that what’s missing from Obama’s argument is the “how”–he asserts that the stimulus bill will create new jobs, but doesn’t explain how it will stimulate the economy.
On the speech to House Democrats in Williamsburg, Mozloom said Obama ran into trouble because “that messaging was broadcast to the public at large. There is a key branding issue here, and that is, ‘know who you’re talking to.’ Now for Democrats, that was the message they needed to hear, it was a pep rally. But that’s not the guy the rest of the public voted for. This is an issue he’s starting to have in these very first weeks. He has to be careful not to destroy his brand credibility right away. He was elected to bring change and to work with both parties, and he needs to really understand that’s why he was elected. They’re waiting to see that guy, and he’s got to reach out to the other side, no matter how much of a train wreck they are.”


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