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Obama’s Understatement on Wright: ‘He Does Not Speak For Me.’

In a hastily-arranged tarmac press availability, Obama said, in what may be the understatement of the year, regarding Wright “”He does not speak for me… He does not speak for the campaign, and so he may make statements in the future that don’t reflect my values or concerns.”

(Like a broken clock being right twice a day, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has talked about Obama being too cool. When your mentor of 20 years gets up in front of an audience and starts talking about the differences between black brains and white brains, and how black children learn differently… or when he asserts that the U.S. government commits terrorism, or is capable of creating the AIDS virus, I think a little anger might be appropriate. Senator, he seems to be trying to sink your campaign.)
The closest we got to anger from Obama was, “Obviously, what people like John McCain are now doing is, not being on the strong side of the issues, have decided they’re gonna try to make this campaign about me.”
You know, isn’t it more or less traditional that at least part of the campaign be about not just issues, but about the candidates themselves?

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