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Occupy Detroit: Fight the Establishment, Man, but Not Obama.

The anti-establishment crowd affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street protesters has gone out of their way to emphasize that they’re not protesting him when he visits Detroit Friday.

The grassroots group known as Occupy Detroit has planned its occupation for Friday — the same day President Barack Obama will visit the Metro area.

But the group doesn’t plan to protest the president, who will visit General Motors Co.’s Orion Assembly Plant with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to herald the pending U.S.-South Korea free trade agreement.

They’re anti-establishment, but not opposed to the current head of government. Somehow, despite his running the executive branch of American government, they see no reason to hold him accountable for any of their grievances.

Since he’s largely endorsed the occupiers as an authentic expression of American anger, and they obviously like him, can we now call them “the Barack-upiers”?