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Ohio Republicans Should Have a Quiet Primary Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is primary day in Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina.

In Ohio, most of the action is on the Democratic side, mostly the Senate race. One of my readers in the Buckeye State offers this assessment from the ground:

Kasich for Governor and Portman for Senator are unopposed. Strickland is unopposed for Democrat Governor nomination.  The Brunner/Fisher race on the Democrat Senator side could be interesting, but I suspect Fisher will win big . . . Unfortunately, Mike DeWine is unopposed for Republican Attorney General – wish I could vote “none of the above” on that – I really think he’s positioning himself for a run at Sherrod Brown in 2012, although he denies it.

Biggest thing I’ve noticed is that all the Republican candidates now run as “Republican Conservatives”, and many even have elephants on their signs (sometimes tea cups).  Just a couple of years ago, you couldn’t tell who was a Republican and who was a Democrat from the signs.  Granted, I’m in a heavily GOP county (Warren).  My wife and I have a Dayton-phone-book-sized stack of campaign literature from Republicans (with their smilin’ families, natch) trying to “out-conservative” each other.  I guess it’s a good thing, but it seems kinda fake.  The robo-calls are also incessant.