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Okay, Show Us the Context That Makes Wright Look Not So Bad

Michelle Norris, of NPR, speaking on Meet the Press yesterday:

You know, I should say, though, where Jeremiah Wright is concerned, it’s interesting. If you–or introduced to him for the first time just based on the clips that you showed on this program and that have been in heavy rotation, particularly on cable news and on talk radio, you don’t get the full measure of, of, of this man and who he is and a sort of full understanding of why Barack Obama may have been attracted to him. Barack Obama is in a difficult position because he has said repeatedly “Words count.” And so he can’t diminish these words or, or easily step away from them.

What are you going to tell me about him that refutes the “God d*** America” line? What “full measure” am I going to see that makes me say, “oh, well, now I’m okay with his called for our nation to be damned by God.
Similarly, Obama seems to have felt it necessary to mention that Wright was a Marine in every interview. Great. That doesn’t change the fact that he just called for God’s wrath upon our own country. How many Americans will say, ‘well, one balances out the other?’
It’s like the line that Wright’s comments are being taken out of context. Show me the context that makes that line okay, or the context that justifies the charge that the U.S. government created the AIDS virus.


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