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O’Keefe Finds DNC Staffers Laughing Off Folks Voting Twice

Hidden-camera reporters from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas visit a few Organizing for America offices and find staffers willing to help folks register to vote in more than one state.

The first DNC staffer doesn’t quite explicitly encourage the mole to vote twice, but she certainly doesn’t discourage it, either. She giggles and laughs, and suggests, “Oh, my God, this is so funny! It’s cool, though.” Later she tells the applicant, “If anyone asks, just say, ‘I don’t know.’”

The video show other examples in Hackensack, New Jersey; New York City; and New Haven, Connecticut. In those examples, when the applicant announces their intent to vote twice, the staffers just laugh.

Watch until the end; O’Keefe himself makes an appearance and one of the volunteers laughs, “You definitely look like the guy who did the pimp video.”

If this keeps to O’Keefe tradition, the DNC will insist this is just a few isolated cases of a handful of poorly trained staffers, completely unrepresentative of their staff as a whole. And then, in coming days, O’Keefe will release additional examples from other offices . . .

UPDATE: Voting in more than one state may be the most common form of voter fraud. A  Maryland Democratic candidate quit her congressional race after records revealed she voted in both Maryland and Florida in the general election in the same year, and Jeryl Bier chuckled over an Obama tweet that warned, “Today’s the last day to register to vote in several states.”

Some of us are old enough to remember the New York Daily News finding in 2004 that 46,000 New Yorkers are registered to vote in both the city and Florida, and “between 400 and 1,000 registered voters have voted twice in at least one election.”


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