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O’Keefe Video Spurs Son to Resign from Moran’s Campaign

Rep. Jim Moran, 11-term Democrat and the, er, pride of Virginia’s 8th Congressional District, has a son who is also the field director of his reelection campaign. Moran’s son is seen here advising a hidden-camera reporter for James O’Keefe that he can vote in the names of other people by generating a fake utility bill that has the person’s name on it.

So what has Congressman Moran been up to lately?

Three prominent Virginia lawmakers are calling on the Department of Justice to investigate possible voter registration fraud connected to a Florida company and its subsidiary Pinpoint.

Congressmen Jim Moran, Bobby Scott and Gerry Connolly sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday, asking the justice department to conduct a multi-state investigation.

Indeed, Congressman Moran, let’s investigate this!

I’m so glad I’ve already voted against him. Moran’s Republican opponent, Patrick Murray, could use some help in this deep-blue district.

Word is now breaking that Patrick Moran has resigned from his position on his father’s campaign.


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