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One Badly Placed Time Mag Cover in Today’s Hillary-Bill-Obama Photo

I’m back.

Now that I’m back on American soil, time to establish some ground rules: discussion of Hillary Clinton’s husband and his scandals and errors and foibles are completely off-limits for the discussion of her presidential campaign, as she is a completely separate entity from her husband, and it’s not like she’s grabbing him and walking arm-in-arm with him every time she needs to shore up her support with African-Americans…. oh, wait, she is, never mind.
By the way, poor Hillary. She, Bill, and Obama are featured in the photo of the day, on the front page of the New York Times with John Lewis on one arm and her husband on the other… and behind her some guy’s holding up a poster of the Time magazine cover with Obama’s face and the headline, “The Next President?”
I suppose it could have been worse for Hillary. Someone could have held up an issue of National Review.


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