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One of Haley’s Accusers Takes Polygraph; Tests Inconclusive

You didn’t think that the weirdness of the South Carolina governor’s race had ended, did you?

Just one day before the polls open across the state, one of the men claiming he had an affair with GOP candidate Nikki Haley sat down Monday to back up his claim. Lobbyist Larry Marchant took a polygraph test at his attorney’s office in downtown Columbia.

WACH Fox hired two separate independent polygraph examiners to conduct the test, and a WACH Fox News representative was present Monday afternoon to observe.

Marchant officially tested “inconclusive.” However; independent polygraph examiner John Davis said the the test results show no indication that Marchant was being untruthful in his answers.

Davis is a retired polygraph examiner with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Dept. He has been a licensed polygraph examiner in South Carolina since 1997. WACH Fox hired Davis to perform the polygraph exam.

This may not have told us whether or not Marchant is lying, but it has told us that Columbia’s Fox News affiliate has a pretty thick budget and that Marchant is willing to look silly and untrustworthy in order to keep his story in the news for another day.


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