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One More Detail on the Rape Kits

Bob Owens finds a document indicating that Wasilla has finance records indicating they paid for four rape kits — two on June 22, 2000, one on January 11, 2001, and one on December 31, 2001. Note that the first two occurred after the bill banning charging victims was signed, but before the effective date of the statewide law.

That document would appear to indicate that before the state law was changed, Wasilla was paying for rape kits out of city funds. If that is the case, it would appear to refute the whole crux of the charge against Palin as mayor.
And again, to reiterate, we have no paperwork indicating that any victim was ever charged for a rape kit by Wasilla.
Just about every key detail of this attack on Palin has proven wrong, or is unverified.

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