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One of Scott Walker’s Reforms Kicks in Today

It’s primary day in Wisconsin for local offices (school boards, city councils, judicial posts), and voters will have a surprising new requirement . . . proof that they are who they say they are:

The efficiency of Wisconsin’s new voter ID law will be tested Tuesday during local primary elections. When you go to the polls expect to state your name, state your address, show your photo ID and sign the poll book, and then a voter will be issued a ballot. There are nine forms of photo ID which are acceptable, including a drivers license, passport, or student ID. There is an exemption to the photo ID requirement for people who can’t leave their homes.

Those who forget their ID can fill out a provisional ballot and have until Friday to show ID to a municipal clerk.

This is another one of those allegedly controversial moves by Governor Scott Walker, and another opportunity for a reform to be enacted, with many cries of an impending falling sky from the Left proving to be over-dramatic, Chicken Little caterwauling.

What are the odds that by the end of the day, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites realize that showing ID at the polls is no significant burden, and a common-sense move to derail any efforts at fraud?


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