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For One Shining Moment, Obama Opposed Ambulance-Chasing Lawyers

The good folks at RightSideNews and the Center for Individual Freedom shine the spotlight on another fascinating statement from then-candidate Obama that didn’t just expire — it disappeared.

According to Inside Health Reform, an online newsletter, “Barack Obama’s presidential campaign last fall asked the New England Journal of Medicine [NEJM] to remove a controversial medical liability reform sentence from an article bearing Obama’s signature . . .

“In side-by-side statements from then-candidates Obama and John McCain published online by NEJM on September 24, Obama wrote, ‘I will also support legislation dictating that if you practice care in line with your medical societies’ recommendations, you cannot be sued.’  But that statement was removed from the article on NEJM’s Web site within a few hours of being posted after the campaign discovered what it calls ‘errors,’ an administration official told Inside Health Reform.  The version currently in NEJM’s online archives does not contain the tort reform proposal, nor does it warn readers that a change was made.”

The newsletter goes on to report that the article “was transmitted from folks inappropriately” and also suffered from “oversight in the editorial process.”  The remarkable missing sentence, which was the only correction to the article after it was published, got notice when the President of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, testifying before a congressional committee, publicly supported the President’s “announced position.”

That would be the Obama position that wasn’t, isn’t and never will be, and even if it was, is or could be, will never be enacted in this political world.

Could you imagine a Democratic president effectively banning lawsuits against doctors who practice care in line with medical societies’ recommendations? All of John Edwards’ friends would be out of business.

Sounds like another “rogue staffer” attributing positions to Obama that are 180 degrees from what he believes, a phenomenon that occurs with strange regularity around him . . .

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