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One Way or Another, Fox News’s 10 p.m. Slot Will Feature a Sarah Palin Fan

Politico describes Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s inner circle as “not-ready-for-primetime players.” The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza details how Palin’s staff and John Coale — reportedly a Palin confidante, and husband of Fox News host Greta Van Susteren – give wildly differing accounts of how often the governor consults Coale.

Palin’s first post-election interview was with Van Susteren on Nov. 10, as was the first (and so far, only) interview with Palin’s daughter Bristol, in February. The Fox News host described her husband as an unpaid adviser to the governor in a March 19 blog post.

There’s a rumor that Glenn Beck, racking up monster ratings in the 5 p.m. slot, may soon be replacing Greta Van Susteren in Fox News’s third hour of prime time, the 10 p.m. slot.
If you are of the opinion that Bristol Palin’s interview with Van Susteren was regrettable — considering the number of times her pregnancy was called a “private matter” in the 2008 campaign, with Palin herself attempting to declare her children off-limits — then a Van Susteren departure from prime time might not be such a bad thing.


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