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The Open Window for Renee Ellmers

Over on the home page, a detailed look a the dramatically different political landscape in North Carolina’s 2nd district, where Republican Renee Ellmers seeks to knock off Rep. Bob “Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?” Etheridge.

When I began the piece, it seemed like there was a pile of data arguing Etheridge would be pretty tough to knock off, even with the infamous video now out there. But there’s now one poll showing Ellmers ahead by a point and full of bad news for Etheridge; there’s a rumor of a pre-incident poll that put the Democrat narrowly ahead, and I’ll bet there will be more polling in this district in the weeks to come. The guys at PPP are right that this most recent poll represents the voters’ initial reaction and that numbers could change, but the video has now opened a window of opportunity for Ellmers. Considering the district voters’ views on the health-care bill, TARP, and Obama, she has some big issues for contrast.


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