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Oprah? Actually, Obama’s Website Gets the First Word

It’s not quite confirmation that Barack Obama will announce his candidacy on Oprah tomorrow, but the Chicago Tribune’s political blog – which you figure would be plugged-in with Obama’s people – writes:

Some important political figures should be hearing from Sen. Barack Obama today. A source said the likely presidential candidate has arranged phone calls with political leaders for today.
Speculation has been building that an announcement on Obama’s presidential intentions in imminent.
Speaking to reporters outside St. Mark Cathedral in Harvey on Monday, Obama said an announcement was coming “very soon.”
Oprah Winfrey’s web site also is curiously silent on the subject of her show this Wednesday. Obama has previously indicated he may make an announcement on a presidential campaign on her highly rated television talk show.

The reaction from a wise GOP consultant (not Obi Wan; I have to get this other guy to decide on his nickname) was, “Announcing on Oprah could be potentially very smart… I’m glad she’s also from Illinois, because that means she can’t be his running mate… Christopher Dodd goes on Imus and announces his candidacy, Obama goes on Oprah. I know which show I’d rather have my candidate make his announcement.”
UPDATE: Hotline Blog reports Obama is filing papers today, and will announce on his web site.


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