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‘Orange Alert’ at RNC

Tomorrow new RNC Chairman Michael Steele and his team hold a conference call with the 168 RNC members, giving them an update on transition progress and process.

A person familiar with the situation at the Republican National Committee offers a measured take on the mood among RNC members: “We’re above Yellow Alert — I’d put it at Orange if it was the Homeland Security scale . . . Right now, there’s no chief of staff, and I think that’s a problem. There’s no national finance chairman, let alone a finance director . . . technology director, legal counsel. My understanding is that they have a ton of people interested, and just can’t interview them fast enough. We’re almost two months into the cycle with the special House election in New York and gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia later this year . . . If these positions aren’t filled by next RNC meeting, there are going to be major, major problems.”


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