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Organizing for America Touts Power of Opposition

The latest e-mail from Organizing for America begins, “Opponents of health insurance reform have power.”

Yeah, all you guys have is the presidency, 59 Democrats in the Senate, 255 Democrats in the House, the support of the AARP, the AFL-CIO, the SEIU, AFSCME, $150 million in ads from PhRMA, the American Medical Association, Wal-Mart, and America’s Health Insurance Plans, the insurance industry trade group.

And you’re getting shellacked by the CBO and a bunch of grandmas and guys with Gadsden flags.

Their e-mail below the fold . . .


Opponents of health insurance reform have power. Some reap huge profits from the status quo. Others take large campaign contributions from those who profit.
So they’ll do anything to keep the current system in place. When fact-based arguments don’t work, they attack President Obama with outlandish lies about a government takeover and euthanizing the elderly. And once that doesn’t work, they’ll go even further.
We don’t know what they’ll do next. What we do know is that we’ll have to be prepared for anything — ready to set the record straight, ready to make sure the media and Congress see the overwhelming support for reform, and ready to pass real reform this year.
But we’ll need the resources to do it — to pay for rapid-response ads in key districts and states, organizers to put together large rallies and grassroots events throughout the country, and the best technology available to empower volunteers — all at a moment’s notice. Please chip in $5 or more to help us pass real reform, this year.
Please donate
This was never going to be easy. As candidate Obama said just three days before the election: “Don’t think for a moment that power will concede without a fight.” Now, we’re seeing how true that really is.
These same well-financed forces have killed reform in the past, and they’re aiming to do it again.
But here’s why this time can be different: There are folks like you, all around the country, who are ready to go toe-to-toe with the special interests, even when they’re not fighting fair.
And we’ll keep at it, because we know that the work we’re doing together right now can make the lives of hundreds of millions better for decades to come.
But we need your help to keep it up. Please donate $5 or more to help beat the special interests:
There’s too much at stake for any of us to sit this one out. Please chip in.
Mitch Stewart


Organizing for America


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