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O’s Author, Not a Fan of the American Electorate

The new fictional account of Obama’s upcoming reelection bid, O: A Presidential Novel, is written anonymously, “by someone who has been in the room with Barack Obama,” according to the publisher. Since the room is unspecified, that description eliminates dozens and dozens of Americans as suspects.

It is reviewed today by the fiction editor of the Post, and this segment caught my eye:

But how to win over these fickle American voters — portrayed in these pages largely as a mob, “impervious to facts and reason or even the memory of their recent experience with Republican incompetence”? Obama laments that everything he did “to alleviate the anxiety of the American middle class seemed at times only to exasperate the people more. It was as if they had expected O to turn the country around in his first month in office, and when he didn’t, they hardened their hearts against him.”

Those stupid voters! (Fascinating how they weren’t impervious to facts and reason during the 2008 campaign, in the eyes of this novelist.)


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