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The Other Form of Credit That’s Vital to the Economy

I particularly liked the closing line in this short note from Campaign Spot reader Steve:

So, is the President endorsing Fred Smith’s policy solutions of A) maximum expansion of domestic US energy production and B) electrifying ground transportation (i.e. Chevy Volts)? Or is he just endorsing B?
Or maybe, in his best professorial manner, he’s taking a deep draught of his pipe, and saying “You have some very creative ideas, Jim. I would like to read that paper.”
Like most politicians, the President seems to think that there is some magical energy policy solution. I guess that’s because a market based approach doesn’t allow politicians to take credit.

When Steve Jobs debuted the iPad, The Economist portrayed him as if he were a saint. Obviously, that’s tongue-in-cheek, but our culture does celebrate certain CEOs and entrepreneurs – Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Richard Branson, Jack Welch, Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffett, Herb Kelleher, Lee Iacocca, Jeff Bezos, etc.  Not only does every politician look in the mirror and see a potential president, I suspect almost every politician looks in the mirror and sees someone who is smart enough to run a Fortune 500 company. This moment in Washington is the culmination of those frustrated egos getting unleashed, getting their chance to seize the wheel and steer the economy, showing that they know so much more than those guys who built those companies . . .

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