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Pawlenty Picks Up DeEndorsement of DeWine

For those of you who have been waiting, on the edge of your seats, to see who former senator Mike DeWine of Ohio would endorse for president in 2012, wait no longer.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced his endorsement of  Gov. Tim Pawlenty for president. 

“Gov. Pawlenty is the right man to serve as president,” DeWine said today. “As a two term governor, Pawlenty understands what it takes to be a leader, knows the importance of supporting state and local governments, and has shown time after time a dedication to protecting children and families.” 

Mike DeWine was elected Ohio’s 50th Attorney General in 2010.  In his oath of office, DeWine swore to protect Ohio families and as Attorney General has focused on fixing the delays at the state crime lab, ending the plague of prescription drug abuse that is destroying families across Ohio, and creating a job friendly environment through educating business on consumer protection issues.

 “Throughout Gov. Pawlenty’s career, he has a record of fighting for the conservatives ideals that he believes in without alienating those who disagree,” said DeWine. “In a political environment where it is increasingly hard to get things accomplished, Gov. Pawlenty brings the right balance of experience, knowhow, and dedication to move America forward.” DeWine went on to say, “As Attorney General, I’m fighting to repeal Obama health care.  Gov. Pawlenty understands how to reform health care without unconstitutional mandates.” 

Throughout his career, DeWine has been staunchly pro-life.  “I especially respect Gov.Pawlenty’s commitment to preserving and protecting the sanctity of life,” said DeWine.  “He is a champion for the most vulnerable among us.”

If I were running for president, I would want to tout every endorsement I received. But few, if any, are likely to make a big difference in most voters’ minds. Nonetheless, for a lesser-known candidate like Pawlenty, each endorsement like this probably helps a bit, emphasizing, “I’m acceptable to everyone from DeWine to Joe Wilson to former senator Norm Coleman . . .”


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