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Pelosi, in Middle of Torture Answer: ‘We’re Creating Jobs.’

Pelosi’s reflexive defense that “I’ve been against torture my entire life” actually hurts her case, because it further raises the questions about where her objections were. Even if you grant her interpretation that in the 2002 briefing, she was only told that waterboarding was a possibility, not that it was being used, one would think that someone who so strongly objected to the concept would have registered objections at that time. Then there’s the 2003 briefing, in which her aide was told that it was being used. Again, one would think that Pelosi would have been registering her objections and doing what she could to argue against the practice. But there’s no record of it; Pelosi’s defense is essentially, “I let Jane Harman do it.”

MSNBC just played a bit of John Harwood’s interview with Pelosi, and she, in the middle of an answer explaining that she wasn’t being partisan or hypocritical, blurted out, “we’re creating jobs, they created this.” She honestly sounds like some sort of robot that has blown a circuit, repeating talking points that aren’t anywhere near what Harwood asked about.

UPDATE: Pelosi’s “we’re creating jobs” comment comes at about 20:16 of this video here.

“My job when I — it only fueled the flame to me — we must win the Congress, we must win the White House, that’s the only way we’re going to change this policy. It’s interesting that they’re having they’re fun. We’re creating jobs. They want to create an illusion. This is their — this is their creation and they have to answer for it. They can try to deflect all they want, I am limited in what I can say publicly on these matters. But the fact is, I said that they didn’t brief us in the briefing I received.”


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