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Perhaps We Should Remind Our Friends in New Jersey That It’s Primary Day

I’ve heard from a few New Jersey readers now, and they’re all reporting the same thing — nearly abandoned polling places and really low turnout.

Light turnout, according to the poll workers.  Voted at noon, one other voter, one more entering behind.  District 9, in same polling place, was moribund.  This strikes me as prime Lonegan turf, where he would need a heavier turnout than I witnessed.  Keep reminding people; I almost forgot until I read your reminder.

On paper, the low turnout would be good news for Steve Lonegan, if as many believe, if he has the highly-motivated conservative base and Chris Christie has the iffy, less-dedicated moderates on his side. On the other hand, as the above reader noted, turnout’s light in Lonegan areas, too. And considering the margin in the polls, a Lonegan win would rank among the all-time upsets.

UPDATE: Local media tells the same story – no problems with the voting machines, but turnout is light, light, light.


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