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Perhaps West Virginia Could Remember Byrd by Naming Something After Him

How do you measure the legacy of the departed West Virginia senator? I look at this . . .

  • Robert C. Byrd Academic and Technology Center 

  • Robert C. Byrd addition to the lodge at Oglebay Park, Wheeling 

  • Byrd Aerospace Technology Center 

  • Robert C. Byrd Bridge between Huntington and Chesapeake, Ohio 

  • Robert C. Byrd Cancer Research Center 

  • Robert C. Byrd Clinical Addition to the veterans’ hospital in Huntington

  • Robert C. Byrd Community Center, Pine Grove

  • Robert C. Byrd Community Center in the naval [communications] station, Sugar Grove 

  • Robert C. Byrd Drive, from Beckley to Sophia (Byrd’s hometown) 

  • Robert C. Byrd Expressway, U.S. 22 near Weirton Robert C. Byrd Federal Building

  • Robert C. Byrd Federal Courthouse

  • Robert C. Byrd Freeway

  • Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope 

  • Robert C. Byrd Hardwood Technologies Center, near Princeton

  • Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center of West Virginia 

  • Robert C. Byrd High school in Bridgeport

  • Robert C. Byrd Highway 

  • Robert C. Byrd Hilltop Office Complex, Mineral County

  • Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarships 

  • Robert C. Byrd Industrial Park, Hardy County

  • Robert C. Byrd Institute in Charleston 

  • Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing 

  • Robert C. Byrd Library and Robert C. Byrd Learning Resource Center 

  • Robert C. Byrd Life Long Learning Center

  • Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam

  • Robert C. Byrd National Technology Transfer Center 

  • Robert C. Byrd Rural Health Center 

  • Robert C. Byrd Scholastic Recognition Award

  • Byrd Science Center, Shepherd University

  • Robert C. Byrd Technology Center at Alderson-Broaddus College 

  • Robert C. Byrd United Technical Center

  • Robert C. Byrd Visitor Center at Harpers Ferry National Historic Park

. . . and think of one word: modesty.

UPDATE: I imagine some version of this conversation has occurred at some point:

“I thought you said we were meeting at the Robert C. Byrd Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse!”

“We are! But you’re at the one in Beckley, West Virginia, but I’m at the one in Charleston, West Virginia!

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