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At This Point… 316,782… (UPDATE: No, Make That 337,682.)

Beneath this post, you’ll find a long list of cities that didn’t make Nate Silver’s attempt to count attendance at the Wednesday’s Tea Parties, as well as a few cities where the count is widely disputed. At this point, using 200 to stand in for cities where news accounts only describe attendance as “hundreds” and 2,000 to stand in for cities where it’s just described as “thousands”, the count stands at 316,782.

UPDATE: But wait, there’s more!

The Woodlands, Texas: “over 7,000 protestors.”

Fishkill, New York: “the 4,300-seat stadium was almost full.” (For purposes of our count, I’ll score this as 4,000.)

Orlando, Florida: “More than 4,000.”

St. Louis: “a minimum of 2,000 people.”

Salem, Oregon: “An estimated 2,000 people”

Corvallis, Oregon:  “About 300 people.”

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “About 1,000 people.”

Hyannis, Massachusetts: “about 600.”

Worcester, Massachusetts:  “Over one thousand people.”

Casper, Wyoming: “approximately 1,000 people.”

Hagerstown,  Maryland: “About 300 people.”

This brings us up to 337,682.

UPDATE: I wasn’t doing this to rhetorically throw rotten fruit at Nate Silver; it was a good idea that just wasn’t applied widely enough. He’s put up a new post, putting the count at “311,460 between 346 cities.”

Rochester, New York: “500 to 1,000 demonstrators.” Thanks for narrowing it down, guys.

The Villages, Florida: “more than 1,000 protesters.”


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