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At This Point, Is the Only Unifying Issue for The Establishment to Stop Ron Paul?

This is one of my favorite bits of critical e-mail in a long time:

your National Review Online piece about the Republican debate was oh soooo laughable.
It’s truly ashamed what passes off for journalism at NR these days.
You’re just another shill for the Corporate Media.
Ron Paul is head and shoulders above the Establishment’s pick of Rudy and their backup guy, Huckabee.

Okay, wait a second. Rudy and Huckabee disagree on abortion. On gay rights. On gun control. I think Rudy would criticize Huckabee’s record on raising taxes, on his labeling the Club for Growth the “Club for Greed”, his populist criticism of corporate CEOs… Huck backs the Fair Tax, Rudy doesn’t. One’s a Baptist minister, the other’s been married three times. Just how broad a coalition is the Establishment, if the top two guys are diametrically opposite on so many issues?

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