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Politico 1, Lefty Bloggers Accusing It of Lying, 0: Reid Called Pace “Incompetent”

TPM has a transcript from a tape of the Harry Reid call.

BLOGGER QUESTION: What’s the next step on Gonzales?
REID: Well, I guess the President, he’s gotten rid of Pace because he could not get confirmed here in the Senate. Pace is also a yes-man for the President. I told him to his face, I laid it out last time he came in to see me. I told him what an incompetent man I thought he was. But he got rid of his Joint Chiefs of Staff chair, but he still hangs on to this failed Attorney General. And I guess he’s gonna [inaudible]. We’re gonna keep focusing on it. Every day that goes by, it seems he keeps giving. Now we’ve learned that the immigration judges are all graduates of Regent University I guess.
REID AIDE: Guys, I think we have time to take one more question…

This just confirms the m.o. of Reid and his friends in the lefty blogosphere. Having been caught saying something that makes him look stupid, Reid tries to be evasive and vague on whether he said it, and the leftosphere attacks the messenger and insists the quote is a lie.
I also note something odd: When the GOP candidates hold conference calls with righty bloggers, everybody, including me, posts quotes and rough transcripts/notes. When Reid holds a conference call with lefty bloggers, everybody hides their leader’s embarrassing quotes, and later says they “can’t remember” Reid talking about Pace.

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