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Politico: Obama Is a Successful President, but Folks Just Don’t Realize It

Over at Politico, an unnamed Obama adviser endorses Bill Press’s Americans-are-spoiled theory

“I tell you, it’s very frustrating that it’s not breaking through, when you look at these things and their scale,” said a top Obama adviser, who spoke on background to offer a candid take on the state of play. “Can you imagine if Bill Clinton had achieved even one of these? Part of it is because we are divided, even on the left . . . And part of it is the culture of immediate gratification.”

By the way, why do White House officials talk so candidly to Politico? Probably because they write lines like this: “Obama is perceived as failing to win over the public, even though by most conventional measures he is clearly succeeding.”

Silly readers. You only think you don’t like what he’s doing!


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