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In a Poll Full of Democrats, Democratic Candidates Have Considerable Support

The great Patrick Ruffini looks at Newsweek’s latest poll, finds their sample was 26 percent Republican and 37 percent Democrat (!), re-weights it to compare to the 2006 election, and finds (surprise!) very different results.

I’m not going to complain if a poll has more Democrats than Republicans, but come on, Newsweek. A gap of 11 percent suggests you’re not even trying to get your sample to resemble the pool of voters who actually show up on Election Day.
In other weekly newsmagazine news, I picked up the international edition of Time magazine yesterday, the one with “Does Sending More Troops To Iraq Make Any Sense?” as the lead story. I counted about five and a quarter pages of ads – the first three pages, and both sides of the back cover.
I wonder if the international edition is doomed


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