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Poll Watch: Giuliani 30, Thompson 23, McCain 15, Romney 10

New NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll: Giuliani 30, Thompson 23, McCain 15, Romney 10.

This finding is intriguing:

A full quarter to a third of those supporting Giuliani’s closest competitors — Thompson, Romney and McCain — all believe Giuliani would be best against the former first lady. Even evangelicals and those who consider themselves “very conservative” say Giuliani, by about 20 points, would have the best chance against the Democratic front-runner.

The poll also found that Republicans’ top priorities were national defense (32 percent), including Iraq and terrorism, the domestic issues, such as education and health care (25 percent), then moral issues like abortion and gay rights were third (23 percent), and then economic issues (17 percent).
Giuliani led among each of these groups, except those who ranked moral issues highest; Thompson leads with that group 24 percent to 19 percent over McCain, with Giuliani following at 16 percent.


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