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Polling the Remaining Big Three on Issues

I realize that I have less than perfect faith in Zogby’s polling numbers. And when there are two Democrats and one Republican in the same poll, we will see the Republican’s numbers higher than the Democrats’ separately, and that putting the Democrats’ numbers together usually gives them a higher sum than the Republican.

But nonetheless, some of these numbers are interesting. Asked which presidential candidate you think would best handle the economy, it split 26 percent for Clinton, 25 percent for McCain, and 21 percent for Obama. (Huckabee and Paul were still in the mix, and got 9 percent and 6 percent and respectively.)
On Iraq, it’s McCain 46 percent, Obama 23 percent, Hillary 18 percent.
On combating terrorism, it’s 49 percent, to Obama’s 21 percent and Hillary’s 14 percent. So on both national security questions, McCain outranks both Democrats put together.
On immigration, get this – McCain 32, Obama 22, Hillary 16. McCain also ranks highest on “providing meaningful leadership to the country” and “competently managing the federal government.”
McCain has some glaring weak spots, however. On education, its’ Obama 32, Hillary 31, McCain 12 and on health care it’s Hillary 36, Obama 27, McCain 13.

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