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President Obama, the NCAA Tournament Bracket Conservative

In today’s Politico, former RNC man Alex Conant argues that the conventional wisdom that President Obama is “bold” is wrong — “Actually, he is overly cautious. It’s no coincidence the first bills he signed into law were the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and an expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, two populist favorites. Signing these bills was not an act of courage any more than attacking lobbyists or selecting Joe Biden as a running mate. In fact, Obama’s entire agenda is cautious (sometimes to a fault, in the case of his housing and banking bailouts).”
I don’t know if I would agree with that. But I think we can conclude that Obama is a conservative when it comes to his NCAA Tournament pool.
In the first round, President Obama picked the underdog (the lower-seeded team) in just four of the 32 games (Maryland, Temple, VCU, Tennessee).
In the second round, President Obama picked the underdog in two of the 16 games (Purdue, Florida State).
In the third round, President Obama picked the underdog in one of the 8 games (Syracuse). In all three of these rounds, Obama is picking the favorite 87.5 percent of the time.

In the fourth round, President Obama picked the underdog in one of the 4 games (Memphis), boosting his underdog picks to 25 percent.
I don’t disagree with the play-it-safe strategy; years ago, I decided when entering office pools to submit at least one bracket of all-favorites, and I have won a few with that approach. But then again . . . I’m conservative.


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