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Profiles In Cowardice in the Cap & Tax Debate

A few quick notes from the House debate on the “cap and trade” — more accurately, “cap and tax” – bill that now runs 1,309 pages and that was put into final form at 3 a.m.. Once again we see Congress voting on a massive, far-reaching bill that few, if any members have read cover-to-cover. Wonder what the equivalent of the AIG bonus provision will be in this legislative monstrosity.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, displays a nice bit of rhetorical jujitsu: “We are the party of KNOW; we want the people to KNOW what’s in this bill!”

The staff of Rep. Thomas Perriello (D., Va.) won’t say which way he is voting on it, but they apparently told a constituent who contributes to Red State that he’s just waiting to see if there are enough votes to pass it so he can oppose the bill.

Rep. Sanford Bishop (D., Ga.) says he’ll vote based on the number of calls he gets for or against. Constituents can nudge him by calling (202) 225-3631.


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