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A Prominent Businessman Takes a Side in NY-20

I suppose some would argue that this is the wrong time to tout a CEO’s endorsement, but that would presume that Americans are incapable of distinguishing between Steve Jobs and Ken Lay (besides the fact that the latter is dead). Either way, NY-20 GOP candidate Jim Tedisco is touting the first-ever endorsement of the head of a supermarket chain based in the region:

With one week until the special election for the 20th Congressional District, an influential area businessman is throwing his support behind Jim Tedisco.
Capital News 9 has learned Price Chopper President and CEO Neil Golub is endorsing the Republican candidate.
Golub is featured in a new Tedisco for Congress television commercial which began airing Tuesday. This is the first time he has endorsed a candidate in such a public manner.


“Jim Tedisco is a local guy who understands the issues affecting people in our area,” said Golub.

Adam Kramer, spokesman for Tedisco’s campaign, adds, “It’s important to note that Neil Golub is a local businessman who has created thousands of jobs in the 20th Congressional District.  Neil is a beloved figure in the area who has given to many charitable causes.  This is the first time he’s ever publicly endorsed a political candidate so this is a big deal locally.”


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