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Prominent Democrats, Suddenly Quiet on Russia and Ukraine

Look, wildly over-hyped messianic Democratic Party rising stars like Sen. Cory Booker don’t do foreign policy, okay?

After giving my two hour lecture, I wondered what the Senator from New Jersey’s thoughts were on the saber-rattling going on over the crisis in Ukraine. So I went to his official Senate website and looked. It read very much like the website of a mayor. I clicked on “news” and found a list of recent press releases — most jointly written with New Jersey’s senior Senator, Bob Menendez. I searched for the word “Ukraine”. I got back: “No news found at this time.”

The most recent news item on the senator’s official office web page is from February 26, about a rock salt shortage in the state. Not a word about Ukraine on Cory Booker’s busy Twitter feed, as of 3:30 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday.

According to the Census Bureau, about 67,000 New Jersey residents are of Ukrainian heritage. 

I suppose we shouldn’t give Booker too much grief; our previous Secretary of State isn’t willing to say much right now, either:

Hillary Clinton has yet to comment on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a situation that escalated Saturday when 6,000 troops moved into the province of Crimea. Even as Republicans have criticized the former secretary of state for her implementation of Obama’s “reset” approach to Russia in recent weeks, Clinton has stayed quiet. Her spokesman did not respond to an inquiry on Monday about the still shifting conflict.

Well, it’s not like she had a role in managing the American relationship with Russia in recent years, right?


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