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Public Likes XL Pipeline and Birth-Control Requirements

Two other lopsided results in the latest Fox News poll:

By a 67-25 percent margin, voters support building the Keystone XL pipeline. That includes: 87 percent of Republicans, 69 percent of independents and 50 percent of Democrats say build it.

Fox News Poll

Should Keystone XL Pipeline Be Built?

Yes      67%

No       25% 

February 6-9, 2012 Registered Voters ± 3%–

The poll asked about the Obama administration requiring all employer health plans to provide birth control coverage as part of preventative services for women. (This includes Catholic and other religious-affiliated hospitals and universities that oppose doing so because it violates their religious rights.) A majority sides with the administration: 61 percent of voters approve of the requirement, while 34 percent disapprove. There’s a wide gender gap, as women (67 percent) are significantly more likely than men (53 percent) to approve. Catholics (58 percent) and Protestants (57 percent) alike approve of the requirement. And a majority of Catholic women (65 percent) as well as half of Catholic men (51 percent) also back the mandate.

Fox News Poll

Requiring All Employer Health Plans To Provide Birth Control Coverage

Approve          61%

Disapprove      34%


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