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Punish These Fools.

At first glance, here are some of the vulnerable House Democrats who just voted that the health care bill does not require a separate vote, and that demonpass/deem-and-pass is just dandy:

  • Jason Altmire, Pennsylvania.
  • John Barrow, Georgia.
  • John Boccieri, Ohio.
  • Allen Boyd, Florida.
  • Leonard Boswell, Iowa.
  • Steve Driehaus, Ohio.
  • Joe Donnelly, Indiana.
  • Brad Ellsworth, Indiana.
  • Baron Hill, Indiana.
  • Marcy Kaptur, Ohio.
  • Dan Maffei, New York.
  • Jim Marshall, Georgia.
  • Jim Matheson, Utah.
  • Michael McMahon, New York.
  • Betsy Markey, Colorado.
  • Patrick Murphy, Pennsylvania.
  • Earl Pomeroy, North Dakota.
  • Nick Rahall, West Virginia.
  • Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania.
  • Carol Shea Porter, New Hampshire.
  • Ike Skelton, Missouri.
  • Zach Space, Ohio.
  • John Spratt, South Carolina.
  • Charlie Wilson, Ohio.

This does not count retirees.

UPDATE: A reader nominates Mike Ross of Arkansas, a worthy addition. As I wrote, this was a “first glance” list.

Another argues that Kaptur is not that vulnerable (it is a D+10 district), but she seems to be sweating the abortion angle of the legislation, so I suspect she senses significant political fallout from this vote.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Another reader makes the case for Gerry Connolly of Virginia.