The Campaign Spot

Pure McCain.

It was pure McCain.
It’s McCain, because my readers were already grinding their teeth over the sections on “healing the planet” and the kind tone in referring to guest workers.
It’s McCain, because of instead of a litany of applause lines, he takes us into that cramped little cell, in solitary confinement, in Hanoi. Few speakers want an arena this size silent, but he does it. How many speakers get up before the nation, describe the torture, and then say, “and they broke me”?
It’s McCain, because the speech is stuffed to the gills with anecdotes and tales of what makes America great – moments of grit, and humor, and appreciation. And it was a speech that did indeed lay out his policy vision – particularly on school choice, on energy independence, worker retraining, taxes, and calling out with a stirring call to national service, that generated a roar that actually equaled the climax of Sarah Palin’s address.
McCain’s speechwriters – Mark Salter and others? – know their man, and how to articulate what drives him. This is the man. This is what he will be as President.
Your choice, America.