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Put Bluntly, Missouri’s Senate Race Isn’t Looking That Competitive Lately

There was a point, early in the cycle, when Missouri’s Senate contest between Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Robin Carnahan looked like it was going to be among the most exciting and competitive Senate races of this cycle, if not the most exciting and competitive. Yet it’s slid under the radar; the Post’s Chris Cillizza ranks the currently GOP-held seat the 9th most likely to switch. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee faces vulnerable incumbents in unexpected places like California, Washington, Wisconsin, and Nevada; with protecting those incumbents a priority, there are likely to be fewer resources to be thrown into Missouri.

Carnahan has not led a poll since January. Blunt’s leads aren’t big, but they are consistent.

Roy Blunt seems pretty sure that tying Carnahan to Obama is a winner:

Obama’s job approval in Missouri has been pretty bad, all year long.


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