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Quick RNC Chair Race Roundup

A full report on the RNC race will be coming shortly, but for now, a few odds and ends:

Michael Steele unveils his technology plan. He’s no worse than third in pledged endorsements from RNC members.

Quin Hillyer is a big fan of Ken Blackwell, but some are noticing that Ohio’s RNC members have not endorsed him; state party chair Bob Bennett and national committeewoman Jo Ann Davidson have endorsed Mike Duncan.

Defying the perception that he may be “too Southern” to be the new face of the party, Katon Dawson picked up the three RNC members from Pennsylvania. In pledged endorsements, he’s in second place by a hair.

Saul Anuzis remains a popular second or third choice, but rivals are likely to spotlight the Michigan Republican party’s money troubles next week.

Chip Saltsman has yet to have an RNC member endorse him, and now there is speculation he may not officially make the ballot.

Last week I was hearing that current RNC Chair Mike Duncan was going to either win quickly or be knocked out early. Now there’s some doubt about that; his vote total on the first round could range from 50 to 70 out of the 168 members. The expectation was that if it’s on the lower end, his support diverts to other candidates quickly, but now race-watchers aren’t so sure. And there is no consensus on where his supporters go if they conclude Duncan’s bid is lost.

It’s very, very likely that the first vote will end with Duncan ahead by quite a bit, and Steele, Dawson, and Anuzis all bunched together. Maybe Blackwell will be in the mix, maybe not.


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