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Quick Thoughts on CPAC’s Debate on Legalizing Pot

The audience here at CPAC seems pretty amenable to legalizing marijuana. Of course, a debate on the issue is most likely to attract attendees with strong opinions on legalization. The moderator, Mary Katharine Ham, notes that the panel’s advocate for legalization, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has climbed the seven summits. So he’s been high a lot of times. In his opening remarks, Johnson mentioned he has been engaged to a wonderful woman for five and a half years. That may not help his forthcoming argument that pot doesn’t make you unmotivated and slow to focus on important tasks. Johnson declares, “Is [doing pot] the smartest decision you’ve ever made? We can debate that all night.” Er… really? Does anyone want to argue that smoking pot is the smartest decision they’ve ever made? If so, just how bad are all of the other decisions you’ve ever made? Can we at least acknowledge that marijuana can be a gateway drug to a terrible presidency?


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