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For a Quick Visit, the Land Became ‘Palindia’!

Monday’s Morning Jolt is heavy on Libya news and reaction, but there’s a bit about a figure who usually garners huge headlines everywhere she goes . . .

When Sarah Met India

If you want to read a transcript of Sarah Palin’s speech in New Delhi , India Today has the transcript, and as Ed notices, the transcriber chose to end almost every sentence with an exclamation point. Apparently it was exciting! Or perhaps she excited the transcriber! A taste:

In the early 1990′s, due to clear, commonsense, pro free-market reforms, India’s economy took off!

You abolished import licenses; cut import duties; removed investment caps & broke the unions’ grip on industry.   You unleashed the creativity & hard work of the Indian people; you turned away from a system where ‘Central Government’ sets targets for all sectors of the economy, to a system that lets the market set its own targets. That works.

People no longer speak of India as a “struggling economy” as they would have 30 years ago. Today we speak of India as a “dynamic & vibrant economy”. You empowered individuals & in doing so, you’ve reminded America of the free, entrepreneurial model that made our country great, prosperous & exceptional!

See, if we unshackle the creative energy of our workers, & entrepreneurs, there is no reason in the world why we can’t get back to rapid growth & prosperity!

Meanwhile, Powerline looks at Palin’s trip to Israel, and her urging Israelis to “stop apologizing all the time.”

Jim Nolte of Big Hollywood observes, “Best evidence Palin had a successful overseas trip? Little to no MSM coverage. Don’t blame Libya. Had she mangled a word . . .”

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