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Quinnipiac: Oh, By the Way, Obama’s Underwater on Job Approval

Quinnipiac thinks the biggest news out of their national poll is that Hillary Clinton would beat Chris Christie in a hypothetical 2016 matchup, but the numbers examining voters’ mood about the here and now are revealing in their negativity:

The Democratic edge is seen in the poll finding that voters disapprove of the job Democrats in Congress are doing 60 – 32 percent, compared to an overwhelming 71 – 20 percent disapproval for Republicans in Congress.

Can the Democrats take back the House in 2014 as “the slightly less detested party”?

President Barack Obama has a 45 – 46 percent job approval, virtually unchanged from last month’s 46 – 45 percent score, but down from his post-election high of 53 – 40 percent in December. The gender gap continues to mark the president’s ratings, with women approving 48 – 42 percent, while men disapprove 51 – 41 percent.

The good news for Obama is that voters trust him slightly more on several issues than they do congressional Republicans. They give him the advantage 44 – 40 percent on handling the economy, 46 – 41 percent on handling health care and 45 – 40 percent on handling immigration. Republicans have the trust of 44 percent of voters on gun policy, compared to 42 percent for the president, and 43 percent for handling the budget deficit, compared to 41 percent for Obama.

Those are not great numbers for anybody.


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