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Rasmussen Has Hillary, Obama Virtually Tied Among Democratic Primary Voters

David Weigel over at Reason thinks this site will need a name change sooner rather than later, after looking at the latest Rasmussen poll.

He notes, “from 34 percent to 22 percent in one month, as Edwards and Obama have risen up… I poked around for a 1999 poll to see if Gov. George W. Bush was this weak when that race started. Nope. He had a floor of about 40 percent and consistently trounced his nearest competitor, Liddy Dole. I’d like to hear Hillary backers spin this (they won’t bother, it’s one poll), but for the former first lady and presumptive nominee since Nov. 8, 2004 to score under 30 percent in ANY poll is absolutely pathetic.”
I’ll permit myself a moment of gut instinct: How does the less liked candidate (Hillary)overcome a more likeable candidate (Obama)? When is it too early to go negative? How much does going negative hurt Hillary?
UPDATE: The Iowa Caucuses are about a year away, and Zogby recently polled Iowa Democrats: Edwards 27, Obama 17, Vilsack 16, Clinton 16.
On the Republican side, Giuliani 19, McCain 17, Gingrich 13, Rice 9, Romney 5. For what it’s worth.


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