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Rasmussen: O’Donnell Begins General 11 Points Behind Coons

Rasmussen informs us this morning:

Democrat Chris Coons holds a double-digit lead over Republican hopeful Christine O’Donnell in the first Rasmussen Reports post-primary survey of the U.S. Senate race in Delaware.Coons earns 53% of the vote to O’Donnell’s 42%, with leaners included. One percent (1%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided . . .

Coons led O’Donnell 46% to 36% in a survey in August, but a month earlier the two were in a virtual tie. Seventy-one percent (71%) of Delaware Republicans now support O’Donnell after the party’s divisive primary, while Coons picks up 84% of the state’s Democratic voters. Voters not affiliated with either major party prefer O’Donnell by eight points.

In both Rasmussen and PPP’s surveys in Delaware, O’Donnell trails by a smaller margin (11 points, 16 points) than incumbent Democratic governor Ted Strickland trails GOP challenger John Kasich in Ohio (17 points).


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