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‘Red to Blue’… Perhaps They Mean From Communist to Depressed?

The DCCC adds Kansas Democrat Stephene Moore to their “Red to Blue” program, which aims to take Republican-controlled seats and make them “Blue,” or Democrat-held.

The release itself declares, “Since 2004, the Red to Blue program has been a proven success for House Democrats in winning Republican-held seats.”

Er, except that the congressman in the seat Stephene Moore is running for is her husband . . . Democrat Dennis Moore.

Or is the DCCC revealing some big marriage-wrecking party switch?

UPDATE: I’m informed, “They’ve done the same thing with PA-7. Bryan Lentz is in ‘red-to-blue’ even though it’s held by Joe Sestak.”

So “red-to-blue” applies to open seats that are hard to hold, huh? I’ve got a few more to add, then . . .