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Relax, Everyone! The New DNC Ad Says Obama Has a Jobs Plan!

I’m getting a feeling of deja vu with this latest DNC web ad…

Mike Allen of Politico summarizes it as, “DNC’s opening 2012 message, ‘Past Versus Future’: This CPAC remix is the DNC’s first real big salvo since the midterms. The video aims to define the political and message battle of the next two years, and contrasts POTUS with some of his potential opponents.”

Original! Groundbreaking! Nothing like what Obama and the Democrats were saying in the 2010 midterm elections! See, back in October of 2010, they were saying

We have not forgotten, and it’s up to you to remember that this is a choice in the election between the politics that got us into this mess and the politics that are getting us out, between hope and fear, between the past and the future, between moving forward and moving backwards.  And I don’t know about you, but I want to move forward. (Applause.)  David, I want to move forward.  (Applause.)  I want to move forward.

Look, if they win this election, the chair of the Republican campaign committee has already promised to pursue — and I’m quoting here — “the exact same agenda” as they pursued before I took office.

That was President Obama’s remarks at an Oct. 25 reception for the DCCC.

Also note in this video the declaration that “President Obama and the Democrats have a plan to create jobs and win the future.” Hey, great news! Only 21 straight months of unemployment at 9 percent or more, and they have a plan! So another “Recovery Summer” is just around the corner, huh?


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