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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Solves the Primary-Care Physician Shortage

One of those nagging questions about ObamaCare is how it would add the uninsured into the current system and not flood a health-care system that already has considerable waiting times. Supporters say they’re talking about 40 million people, although that includes illegal immigrants and healthy young people who choose not to buy insurance. Either way, we can agree that the reform would bring millions upon millions into the system, visiting doctors’ offices. An inspired blogger illustrated the problem as it relates to mandating coverage in Lego:

And you thought you had a long wait with really out-of-date magazines before . . .

When asked about it, President Obama generally agrees with the severity of the problem, and then says the problem can be mitigated by creating new incentives for primary-care physicians and pointing to a few training programs in the various bills. If you’re not certain that those programs would generate enough doctors to handle an influx of 40 million or so new patients, join the club.

However, America can rest assured. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D., Tex.) appears to have found a simple, inexpensive solution: Fake doctors.


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