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Research Firm: Hillary Clinton Would Be Sixth-Wealthiest Presidential Candidate Ever

In a press release designed to turn heads, the private-wealth research firm Wealth-X declares that if Hillary Clinton were to run, she would be the sixth-wealthiest candidate for president ever, with a net worth of $100 million.

Their ranking of the past candidates:

Rank       Name                  Political Affiliation     Net Worth (US$ millions)

1             Ross Perot           Independent                4,300

2             Steve Forbes       Republican                   430

3             John Kerry           Democrat                     280

4             Mitt Romney        Republican                   220

5             Al Gore                Democrat                     190

I asked Wealth-X how they calculated the net worth of the candidates, and was told, “Wealth-X uses their own proprietary assessment of one’s wealth. Tax returns that were public would be one component of our larger methodology.”


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