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RGA: Welcome to the General Election, Gas-Tax Hiker

The Republican Governors Association welcomes Creigh Deeds to the race by reminding voters of his rivals’ assessment of his weaknesses:

Despite prevailing in tonight’s gubernatorial primary, even Democrats know Creigh Deeds’ record of hiking taxes makes him unelectable this fall.

It’s no surprise that Democrat Terry McAuliffe said ”Bob already beat Creigh once and he beat him on the gas tax.”

Brian Moran’s campaign also blasted Deeds in an ad saying, “raising the gas tax in the middle of a recession only hurts working people.”

As a state legislator, Creigh Deeds has repeatedly voted to hike taxes:


•Deeds voted twice in 2008 to hike the gas tax. Even when gas was at $4 per gallon, Deeds voted to hike Virginia’s gas tax by more than 30 percent (SB 6009 and SB 713, 2008).

•Supported hiking the motor vehicle sales and use tax by 25 percent (SB 5013, 2006 Special Session).

•Voted to double the fuel sales tax in Northern Virginia (SB 458, 2004).

•Supported increasing the motor vehicle registration fee by $10 (SB 5013, 2006 Special Session).

•In 2004, Deeds helped pass a $1.4 billion tax increase, the largest tax hike in Virginia history (Richmond Times Dispatch, 9/22/05).

•That same year he voted to increase Virginia’s cigarette tax by 12 fold (The Roanoke Times, 2/22/09).

•As far back as 1992, Deeds voted to increase the cigarette tax by 60 percent (The Roanoke Times, 2/22/09).

•Opposed Bob McDonnell’s plan to repeal Virginia’s death tax. (The Roanoke Times, 1/10/03).

•Deeds even pulled the plug on a property tax exemption that a non-profit organization requested to create a 273-acre camp on a parcel that had sat vacant for decades. The non-profit group was planning to invest $7 million into the site (The Roanoke Times 2/13/95).

•Even Mark Warner said that 2008 was no time to be raising gasoline taxes.


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